Innovating for Success in the Export of Services

A Handbook

image of Innovating for Success in the Export of Services

This handbook on services innovation is an invaluable tool for enhancing export profitability. It approaches innovation as a competitive strategy describing characteristics of services innovation and its relation with cultural variables. It also outlines guidelines for establishing appropriate innovation; explains how to review quality assurance procedures; and clarify customer priorities. Innovating for Success in the Export of Services also reviews the implementation cycle and examines innovation links to export readiness and export success. Practical exercises are included.

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Strengthening the foundation

While a culture of ongoing innovation is critical to export success, innovation implementation needsto occur within a quality assurance framework. Without an adequate quality-control mechanism, theuncertainty associated with innovation-related change can disrupt ongoing service delivery. Firmswishing to market the excellence of their internal quality control would do well to register their qualitysystem to ISO 9000. Box 10 provides a summary of the issues to be addressed in designing a qualityassurance system that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9000.

English Spanish, French

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