International Wooden Furniture Markets

A Review

image of International Wooden Furniture Markets

This publication presents a Review of wooden furniture markets in United States, Canada, China, Japan, Egypt, and selected countries in the European Union. For each country, it provides an overview of market trends and developments; distribution channels and market access conditions; as well as international and national certification schemes in the furniture sector. It also identifies furniture networks and clusters, outlines strategy for developing a wooden furniture sector in tropical countries, and more.

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When the joint ITTO–ITC Wooden Household Furniture: A Study of Major Markets was published in 1990, the globalization of the furniture business was in its infancy. Domestic production was clearly the dominant way of meeting consumer demand for furniture in most industrialized markets. Historically, furniture manufacturing remained surprisingly long and firmly in the hands of the industrialized nations, despite the fact that it is one of the most basic and labour-intensive manufacturing sectors. In more recent times, developing countries have by and large followed the past paths and phases of the more developed economies.

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