ITC Contractual Joint Venture Model Agreements

image of ITC Contractual Joint Venture Model Agreements

This publication introduces a universal sample contract that can be used in drawing up joint venture agreements where the parties organize their cooperation on a contractual basis without forming a corporate body. It illustrates two separate model contracts, one for two parties and another for three or more parties. For each contract it provides a checklist of options, fill-ins, time limits, ancillary documents and user’s guides.

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User’s guide ITC contractual joint venture model agreement (two parties only)

It is important that the Parties to the Agreement are correctly identified and that those representing them have the powers to do so for the purpose of concluding the Agreement. The legal issues that arise in this context relate primarily to the personal status of the Parties, their capacity and the powers of their representatives to enter into an agreement on behalf of their company. Normally these issues are subject not to the law applicable to the Joint Venture Agreement but tothe ’personal law’ of each Party, which is generally the law where each Party has its residence or place of business, or the law of a company’s incorporation.

English French, Spanish

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