National Trade Policy for Export Success

image of National Trade Policy for Export Success

This book outlines how trade policy reform can reduce business costs for production and logistics to improve competitiveness of companies and industry sectors. It provides business associations with a valuable tool to assess and influence trade policy and related regulations using cases and examples of policy, legal and regulatory changes (both positive and negative) from around the world. It weighs the benefits and costs of trade policy options, which is relevant to both business associations and other stakeholders engaging in advocacy campaigns on trade policy issues. This publication is also for government policymakers endeavouring to understand the business implications of their policies. Above all, this book promotes a culture of informed public-private dialogue, which is an essential component of the democratic process of policy formulation.

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Promote exports and foreign investment

Much of the debate about export strategy is related to better trade policies and institutions, more efficient physical infrastructure and the availability of skilled manpower. However, the debate goes beyond domestic issues. The export sector is dependent on the performance of product and factor markets both at home and abroad. The links between export and foreign investments are strong. Foreign investment has an important role to play in the development of a country’s exports. This chapter explains linkages between foreign investment and exports and makes recommendations as to how countries can promote export growth by adopting the ‘right’ policies towards foreign investment.

English French, Spanish

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