Navigating Non-Tariff Measures

Insights from a Business Survey in the European Union

image of Navigating Non-Tariff Measures

This work examines how non-tariff measures (NTMs) applied by the European Union’s major trading partners impacts EU exporters of goods—results are based on a survey of 8,100 companies from across 26 sectors in the EU’s 28 member states—describes the survey methodology; presents the main results obtained in terms of impact on EU companies, by type of NTM, effects on companies of different sizes, particularly micro, small and medium-sized enterprises; draws conclusions on the importance of the role of the EU’s negotiating agenda and implementation work to facilitate international trade. It includes survey data statistics and bibliographical references.



Foreword European commission

To be successful, EU exporters need to make a substantial effort to understand and comply with all trade formalities and regulations that apply to their products in the European Union (EU) and in third country markets. The EU, and the European Commission in particular, supports these efforts by promoting transparency of rules, coherence of international regulations and standards, and mutual recognition in full respect of the right of governments to pursue their legitimate public policy objectives. The EU has an ambitious agenda cutting across several policy areas. It aims to promote international agreements for better cooperation, and convergence or harmonization of legislation. The Commission’s Market Access Database also helps clarify export conditions for EU companies by providing product-specific information on tariffs, import requirements and statistics for over 100 partner countries.


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