Offshore Back Office Operations

Supplying Support Services to Global Markets

image of Offshore Back Office Operations

This study focuses on back office operations (distance delivery of range of non-core service functions), as a way of doing business that offers significant business opportunities for governments and service firms in developing and transitional economies. It explains the phenomenon and types of back office operations; and how to determine back office operations as a deliberate development strategy. It delineates the structure for a back office promotional initiative and addresses competitiveness issues. It also outlines how to attract foreign investors or clients for local suppliers and gives examples of strategies that various countries have used to develop back office capabilities.

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Implementation strategies with foreign investors

Now that you have your country or area competitively positioned and promoted, you will want to make strides towards closing deals with foreign firms looking for a good site to set up an offshore back office operation. Good candidates are typically firms with high-volume transactions such as airlines, brokerage firms, credit-card processing companies, financial institutions, insurance companies and marketing firms. Customer call centres in other time zones which wish to find partners rather than run 24-hour operations themselves are other possible clients.

English French, Spanish

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