Oilcakes and Meals

Market Challenges for Developing Countries

image of Oilcakes and Meals

This book examines the factors affecting supply and demand for livestock products, oilcakes, and meals. It gives an overview of the world market situation and characteristics, and provides market forecasts focusing on position of, and challenges for, developing countries. It also reviews the impact of government policies in major producing and consuming countries and the implications of WTO Agreements.

English French, Spanish


Biotechnology developments

Man has improved plants and animals biotechnologically for centuries, mainly through the selection of livestock and seed from plants with desirable traits and their reproduction and breeding. These efforts have significantly increased productivity. In more recent times, biotechnological change has accelerated with the use of modern bioengineering techniques. Results have included the doubling of corn and wheat yields over the past 40 to 50 years, substantial increases in milk output per cow, and the breeding of pigs with leaner meat.

English Spanish, French

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