Oilcakes and Meals

Market Challenges for Developing Countries

image of Oilcakes and Meals

This book examines the factors affecting supply and demand for livestock products, oilcakes, and meals. It gives an overview of the world market situation and characteristics, and provides market forecasts focusing on position of, and challenges for, developing countries. It also reviews the impact of government policies in major producing and consuming countries and the implications of WTO Agreements.

English French, Spanish


Background and scope of the study

Within the framework of its mission to support developing countries and economies in transition in their efforts to realize their full potential for developing exports and improving import operations, the International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO (ITC) undertakes activities aiming at fostering the integrated development of the agribusiness sector and related industries. In this context, feed ingredients, as raw materials for the manufacture of compound feeds and critical inputs for the development of the livestock sector, are of particular importance to ITC’s client countries.

English French, Spanish

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