Redefining Trade Promotion

The Need for a Strategic Response

image of Redefining Trade Promotion

This publication assesses what a national export strategy should encompass with regard to the dynamics of the current international market environment. It looks at the process of strategy development and management, reviewing basic questions of leadership and ownership. The publication also defines the types of institutional linkages and functional relationships required for effective formulation and implementation of broad-based strategies, techniques and issues related to utility and impact assessment of national export strategies. In addition, the implications of electronic commerce, increasing dominance of multinationals, and global outsourcing for national export strategies are also discussed.

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A call to redefine trade promotion

The immense and continuing changes in the international trading environment suggest that public-sector strategy-makers should be reassessing, and possibly redefining, their approach to trade promotion. Are current trade promotion techniques still valid and, if so, can new technologies make them more cost effective? Should new trade support services be introduced to increase international competitiveness and to assist local industry to take advantage of emerging business opportunities? Should programmes designed to develop new export capacities be included in the national approach to trade promotion? And if so, what are the institutional implications?

English Spanish, French

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