Reducing Trade Costs In Asia-Pacific Developing Countries

image of Reducing Trade Costs In Asia-Pacific Developing Countries
This publication evaluates the current level of trade costs in the Asia-Pacific region and outlines recent evidence with regard to the impacts of various trade facilitation measures in reducing trade costs. Part I provides an overview of trade costs in Asia and the Pacific, based on the most recent update of the ESCAP-World Bank Trade Cost Database. Policies and factors affecting international trade costs are identified. Key findings and implications from a micro-level analysis of trade procedures in a wide range of Asia-Pacific developing economies are presented. Highlights and recommendations from some of the most recent ESCAP studies on trade facilitation and trade costs in Asia-Pacific are also summarized. Part II features abbreviated versions of five individual ESCAP studies summarized in Part I.




Reducing Trade Costs in Asia-Pacific Developing Countries was prepared under the substantive direction and guidance of Yann Duval, Chief, Trade Facilitation Unit, Trade and Investment Division (TID) of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), by Aman Saggu, Consultant, TID, ESCAP, with substantial inputs from Chorthip Utoktham, Consultant, TID, ESCAP. It was produced under the overall supervision of Susan Stone, Director, TID, ESCAP.


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