Review of Maritime Transport 2007

image of Review of Maritime Transport 2007

The 2007 review identifies the main developments in world maritime transport and provides relevant statistical data. It focuses on developments concerning maritime activities in developing countries as compared with other groups of countries. It highlights the correlation between the development of global trade and maritime transport activities in general with particular attention given to regional developments in Asia.

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Trade and freight markets

This chapter describes conditions and trends in trade and freight markets, covering the major liner and bulk cargo sectors; it gives liner freight rates as a percentage of selected commodity prices, and it estimates freight payments as a percentage of import value. Although 2006 was a good year for all tanker market segments, these remained below the impressive levels recorded during the two previous years. Fuelled mainly by buoyant steel production in Asia, the dry cargo freight market fared better, with steady improvements in the Cape-size sector and continued strong performances in the Panamax and Handy-size sectors. Despite the downward pressure on the containership market resulting from a large tonnage delivery and order book, the continuing strong demand helped maintain the rates at healthy levels.

English French, Spanish

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