Review of Maritime Transport 2010

image of Review of Maritime Transport 2010

More than 80 per cent of international trade in goods is carried by sea, and an even higher percentage of developing-country trade is carried in ships. This annual publication is an important source of information on this vital sector. It closely monitors developments affecting world seaborne trade, freight rates, ports, surface transport, and logistics services, as well as trends in ship ownership and control and fleet age, tonnage supply, and productivity. The Review contains a chapter on legal and regulatory developments and each year includes a chapter highlighting a different region. In 2010, the focus is on Asia and the Pacific.

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Structure, ownership and registration of the world fleet

At the beginning of 2010, the world merchant fleet reached 1,276 million deadweight tons (dwt), an increase of 84 million dwt (7 per cent) over 2009. This growth resulted from record new deliveries of 117 million dwt, as against demolitions and other withdrawals from the market of approximately 33 million dwt. In spite of the economic crisis, new deliveries in 2009 grew by 42 per cent over 2008 as a result of ships having been ordered prior to the downturn in demand. The resulting oversupply of tonnage then led to a surge in demolitions of older tonnage by more than 300 per cent.

English Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic

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