Settling Business Disputes

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution - Second edition

image of Settling Business Disputes
This second edition handbook focuses on available methods of arbitration and mediation for commercial dispute resolution and deals with different types of disputes encountered in international trade and describes methods for preventing and or resolving them. Dispute resolution is an important part of risk management in international trade. Reduced barriers are exposing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to new markets and international competition, as well as to new partners, countries, cultures and trade usages. The book covers the fundamental principles and practicalities of international commercial arbitration and mediation. It provides some tools and useful information for business operators new to international trade as well as more experienced business people and lawyers.

English French, Spanish


Constituting the arbitral tribunal

The constitution or appointment of an arbitral tribunal is typically the first step in an arbitration procedure. It is usually set in motion through the request for or notice of arbitration from the claimant to the respondent or to an arbitration institution. Depending on the applicable rules, the setting up of the tribunal may be handled by an arbitration institution, by the parties themselves or by a court.

English French, Spanish

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