Silk Review 2001

A Survey of International Trends in Production and Trade

image of Silk Review 2001

This report provides an overview of production, international trade, consumption, and the generic promotion of raw silk and various silk products. It examines the ecological factors of silk trade, reviews consumer markets in selected EU countries and explains the role of China in the international silk trade. Silk producing countries and areas covered in the report include Africa, Brazil, India, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Colombia, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Japan and United Kingdom. Tables providing statistical data and prices are also included.

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Silk-producing countries/areas

Brazil is today the most important silk producer outside the traditional Asian silk-producing countries. It is the world’s third largest silk producer after China and India. Raw silk production in the country in the silk year 1999 reached some 1,554 tons, 2% of world production. The declining trend of production continued in 2000: the raw silk output was 1,389 tons, 10.6% less than in 1999. The principal areas for sericulture are the States of São Paulo and Paraná, together accounting for about 96% of the country’s silk output. Some sericulture is carried out in Santa Catarina and Mato Grosso do Sul, but the climate and soil in these areas are not as favourable.

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