SME Competitiveness Outlook 2017

The Region - A Door to Global Trade

image of SME Competitiveness Outlook 2017

This year’s report focuses on regional trade, the most common form of trade for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It contains 50 country profiles, featuring detailed SME competitiveness assessments and information on each country’s export potential within and outside their geographical region. Success stories of value chain integration are provided for Ghana, Hungary, Indonesia, Kenya and Morocco. The report provides targeted advice for policymakers, businesses, and trade and investment support institutions, and combines data analysis, case studies, academic insights and opinions by thought leaders.



SME competitiveness within a regional context

In the 21st century, the potential of SMEs to connect to regional or global markets greatly depends on the extent of value chain activity within their proximity. Policies, institutions and private sector activity in neighbouring countries are therefore likely to be relevant. They determine the capacity of a region to attract lead firms, establish regional value chains or link suppliers to lead firms in other regions.


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