SME Competitiveness Outlook 2020

COVID-19: The Great Lockdown and its Impact on Small Business

image of SME Competitiveness Outlook 2020

This publication is released at a time where the world is carefully moving out of the 'great lockdown' stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, a partial or complete lockdown of the majority of economies across the globe for six weeks or longer. There are reasons to believe that this simultaneous shutdown of economic and social activities has succeeded in pre-empting what could have become a disastrous global health crisis. But the shutdown is likely to have major economic consequences that remain difficult to assess.




The ITC SME Competitiveness Outlook 2020 was prepared by a team led by Marion Jansen. Olga Solleder coordinated the report. Its preparation in an extraordinarily short amount of time was made possible thanks to the coordinated efforts of the entire organization and its many partners. The report team included Floriana Borino, Maria Cantero, Sergio Martinez Cotto, Sarah Mohan, Sylvain Périllat, Dumebi Ochem, Fatemeh Salimi, Sameedh Sharma, Julia Seiermann, Julia Spies and Jasmeer Virdee. Country profiles, the underlying methodology and background papers were conceptualized and produced by Floriana Borino, Valentina Rollo, Olga Solleder, Julia Spies and Mauricio Torres. The report includes materials developed for the ITC website ‘Supporting small businesses through the COVID-19 crisis’ by Anders Aeroe, Anne Chappaz, James Howe, Matthias Knappe, Khemraj Ramful, Robert Skidmore and Quan Zhao.


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