Global Material Sourcing for the Clothing Industry

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This guide deals with the dynamics of the global textiles and clothing supply chain, including the need for garment manufacturers to develop alternative sourcing and supply management approaches. The publication reviews historical background; discusses China’s advantage in the international garment industry; explains different stages involved in material sourcing process; and discusses politics of trade. It also includes case studies; summary of United States rules of origin; measures and conversions, and a glossary of shipping and related terms.

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Paying vs sourcing material

A factory that does not supply fabric or trim is called a CM (cut-make) factory or, in Latin America, a maquila. These are terms which will gradually disappear from the apparel industry vocabulary because in the post-2005 era there will no longer be factories exporting garments on a CM basis. Working under CM terms, the risks to the buyer are simply too great. The moment the customer hands over raw materials which it has already purchased, the customer and its order become hostage to the factory.

English French, Spanish

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