Sustainable Sourcing

Markets for Certified Chinese Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

image of Sustainable Sourcing

This study on the market potential of sustainably wild-collected botanical ingredients originating from the People’s Republic of China with fair and organic certifications provides an overview of current export trade in both wild-collected and cultivated botanical, algal and fungal ingredients from China, market segments such as the fair trade and organic sectors, and the market trends for certified ingredients. It also investigates which international standards would be the most appropriate and applicable to the special case of China in consideration of its biodiversity conservation efforts in traditional wild collection communities and regions.




China, the origin of and biggest centre of production for many medicinal and aromatic plant (MAP) materials used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), produces a wide variety of plant-based herbal medicines and ingredients that are consumed within China and worldwide. However, wild TCM plant resources in China, as in other parts of the world, are under threat. Populations are declining across the country, in large part because of overharvesting to meet high demand from the TCM and herbal products industry. Market-based tools for the sustainability of wild-sourcing in China are still developing.


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