The Business Management System

A Framework for International Competitiveness

image of The Business Management System

This guide presents the concept of business management system (BMS) as a generic structure for managing business enterprises. It explains principles of BMS and describes BMS components and how they interact with each other. The guide also reviews various phases of the strategy cycle of business management; deals with developing business capabilities and its importance for the business and outlines the transaction cycle of business management, explaining the tasks involved and their importance in exporting business. The appendices include BMS’s failure mechanisms, a glossary of related terms, and Nomenclature of BMS.

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The goal of being a competitive monopoly

An enterprise can dominate markets by subjugating its present competitors or by finding markets where there are no competitors. The way to subjugate competitors is by dividing the market(s) into sufficiently small sub-markets and capturing maximum market share, so as to make it uneconomical for a competitor to enter. The same can possibly be achieved by dominating supplies and/or distribution. Dominating suppliers and distributors, which was already next to impossible for SMEs, is becoming extremely difficult even for multinationals all over the world. In export markets it is rarely possible. The last way to get to market domination is innovation.

English Spanish, French

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