The Business Management System

A Framework for International Competitiveness

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This guide presents the concept of business management system (BMS) as a generic structure for managing business enterprises. It explains principles of BMS and describes BMS components and how they interact with each other. The guide also reviews various phases of the strategy cycle of business management; deals with developing business capabilities and its importance for the business and outlines the transaction cycle of business management, explaining the tasks involved and their importance in exporting business. The appendices include BMS’s failure mechanisms, a glossary of related terms, and Nomenclature of BMS.

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Linking task content and task management in transactions

By now you have probably realized how the BMS differentiates task content from task management. The task content refers to the things you must do while performing a task. For instance, if you are trying to install a manufacturing plant (a capability cycle task), the equipment that comes packed in crates needs to be unpacked, moved to its location, assembled, calibrated, tested, etc. All of these concern ‘task content’. However, knowing what is to be done is only a first step. To get all those things done, you need to have resources. First of all you may need to do some research contacting industry associations to find out the equipment standards of your industry, the latest technology available, if you can get it and how to get it (the resource in question would be networks and relationships); you need to have people able to do the job (human resources); money will be spent on these people. You also may require forklifts, calibrators, and other tools and equipment (finance and physical resources); and finally, you probably will need blueprints, instructions, manuals, etc. (information and know-how).

English French, Spanish

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