The Business Management System

A Framework for International Competitiveness

image of The Business Management System

This guide presents the concept of business management system (BMS) as a generic structure for managing business enterprises. It explains principles of BMS and describes BMS components and how they interact with each other. The guide also reviews various phases of the strategy cycle of business management; deals with developing business capabilities and its importance for the business and outlines the transaction cycle of business management, explaining the tasks involved and their importance in exporting business. The appendices include BMS’s failure mechanisms, a glossary of related terms, and Nomenclature of BMS.

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Effective management of enterprises and the provision by the trade support system of support to enterprises in terms of both resources and competencies are imperative for trade development. As global competition increases and protectionist barriers are weakened, threats from competitors for enterprises from developing countries and LDCs increase. A comprehensive and integrated model that can assist managers and trade support professionals to focus on building competitiveness can help these enterprises to get their fair share of the global market. The Business Management System (BMS) is that model. The present book, The Business Management System: A framework for international competitiveness, was finalized after close to a decade of field testing with trade support professionals, managers, academics and administrators. It has been improved and expanded and new applications have been discovered. The book describes the model. It is available in English, French and Spanish and partners in other countries also have translated versions. The enthusiasm of ITC’s partners about the BMS has been overwhelming and rewarding.

English French, Spanish

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