The State of Sustainable Markets 2017

Statistics and Emerging Trends

image of The State of Sustainable Markets 2017

The report shows significant growth in sustainability markets. The data is extensive and reliable. It shows how ITC is supporting “good trade” that contributes to environmental and social sustainability for producers and consumers. Each product (bananas, cotton, etc.) also features serious sustainability challenges: child labour, water scarcity, workers’ rights, use of chemicals, etc.. Thus, this report is potentially of interest to journalists. It provides transparency by summarizing those challenges, and by showing which standards initiatives are gaining traction – thus helping to address major societal problems.



Fast growth in agriculture and forestry

In the following section, the latest market and statistical data on the selected agricultural products – bananas, cocoa, coffee, cotton, oil palm, soybeans, sugarcane and tea – are presented by standard. The data cover the area, production volume, producers, and area and production volume shares of the overall total for each product.


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