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Strengthening the Delivery of Trade Support Services

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Successive World Conferences of TPOs have sought to debate, identify and document best practice for TPOs. Delegates at the Fourth World Conference of TPOs in Beijing, in May 2002, thought that we should have a mechanism for a frequent exchange of best practice information. Since then, ITC has invited TPOs around the world to contribute their best practice examples. The response has been very encouraging: some 38 TPOs responded and 42 best practices were selected from 22 TPOs for this publication.

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Performance measurement, monitoring and evaluation

Performance measurement, monitoring and evaluation are sensitive, but critical issues for most TPOs, though often it is considered difficult to address them in an efficient and constructive manner. An increasing number of TPOs, mainly in developed countries, are taking assessment of their organization’s performance and that of their staff very seriously and are seeking to develop ever more effective assessment tools. This feedback is being used in a positive way to improve organization and individual performance and job satisfaction, and to increase the transparency and fairness of staff remuneration.

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