Trade and Development Report 1988

image of Trade and Development Report 1988

This publication identifies the key issues in the global economy and the design of development strategies addressed in the Trade and Development Report over the past three decades, tracing them through its various editions. It shows how ideas, opinions and proposals expressed in the Trade and Development Report, and the analytical approaches used, differed from those of “the mainstream” and their evolution in response to new challenges. This review revisits the concept of interdependence and explains the approach of the reports to macroeconomic and financial policies in both developed and developing countries. It also summarizes development policy failures and successes over the years.



The construction and engineering design (CED) services sector: Some trade and development aspects

The construction and engineering design (CED) services are part of the wider group of producer services. They cover a broad spectrum of technical services that differ in technological intensity, are interrelated in nature and together help to bring an investment project from conception to realization, including operation and maintenance. They are also required for the extension or renovation of existing structures and production facilities. There are different ways of classifying these services. One broad classification that is used here differentiates between two large categories: engineering design services and construction services. These two groups of services very often overlap and are supplied by individuals acting either solely or grouped in firms that are integrated, autonomous or tied into manufacturing entities.


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