Trade and Development Report 1994

image of Trade and Development Report 1994

The focus of the report is the functioning and interaction of all the different constituent parts of the world economy and of related dimensions of national and international policy. Special attention is given to issues of concern to developing countries. The coverage includes the movements of macroeconomic aggregates in developed and developing countries and in the economies of transition, international trade and trade policies and financial and commodity markets.



The Uruguay round: An initial assessment Introduction

The Cartagena Commitment, in its paragraph 144, requested the Trade and Development Board to analyse and assess the outcome of the Uruguay Round, in particular in areas of concern to developing countries, and its impact on the international trading system. This analysis, supported by documentation prepared by the Secretary-General of UNCTAD, should also provide the basis for an identification of the problems and opportunities facing developing countries and countries in transition to a market economy in increasing their participation in international trade in goods and services in the 1990s.


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