Trade and Development Report 1996

image of Trade and Development Report 1996

The new and illuminating report sheds light on some of the pressing policy issues facing developing countries and the international community as a whole. It explores the interaction of trends in the international economy with the prospects of developing countries. It compares current economic performance with that of the preceeding year and examines future economic prospects at the regional and global level. This special report also begins the task of examining the relevance of the Asian experience for us all to see and learn from.



Integration and industrialization in East Asia

During the past two decades, the economic performance of Japan and a small group of rapidly growing East Asian countries, including the Republic of Korea, Taiwan Province of China, Hong Kong and Singapore (collectively identified as the first-tier newly industrializing economies, NIEs) has attracted considerable attention. More recently, strong growth in a second tier of (South- East) Asian industrializing countries (Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand) and the re-emergence of China in the world economy have added weight to the idea of a wave of industrial development spreading across a much wider region and focused attention on East Asia1 as a new growth pole in the world economy.


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