Trade and Development Report 1999

Fragile Recovery and Risks - Trade, Finance and Growth

image of Trade and Development Report 1999

A valuable resource for those involved in international business and economic development, the Trade and Development Report (TDR) 1999, issued by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), examines current performance and prospects in the world economy. It offers further reflections on the Asian financial crisis and discusses the euro and the international financial system. The report also examines asymmetries in the international trading and financial systems, which continue to hamper growth prospects in developing countries.



International financial markets: Instability, trends and prospects

The depth and global ramifications of the East Asian financial crisis which broke out in 1997 have confounded analysts and forecasters, and have been a major cause of more recent periods of extreme volatility in international financial markets. Expectations that the crisis would be confined to the region and that recovery would be relatively rapid have been repeatedly belied by events. By the middle of 1998 it was clear that it was sharply reducing growth rates not only in the directly affected countries but also in most other developing and transition economies. The international liquidity crisis set off by the currency collapse and debt default in the Russian Federation raised the possibility that the full global implications might not yet have been realized. On the other hand, the relatively benign response of financial markets to the later Brazilian currency crisis and the continued rapid growth of some major industrial countries suggest that the repercussions may still be restricted largely to developing countries.


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