Упрощение процедур торговли

англо-русский глоссарий терминов (пересмотренное второе издание)

image of Упрощение процедур торговли
The revised second edition was prepared in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Commission of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation and contains changes of some terms, minor editing, and updates of some web-links. This Glossary is intended for professionals in the field of trade regulation, government officials, company managers, teachers and university students. It aims at providing practical assistance in developing international economic relations, common standards and tools for trade facilitation. It should be of help for international trade negotiators, linguists and translators, by providing the basis for standard translation of these terms for all stakeholders.

English, Russian,


How to use this glossary

The Glossary provides a common norm for the translation of terms used in trade facilitation. In most cases, the terms are supplemented by brief explanatory notes. Some explanations in Russian provide more detail, as the Glossary is to a large extent intended for Russian-speaking trade practitioners who are just starting to use the terminology of trade facilitation.


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