Trade in Services

An Answer Book for Small and Medium-Sized Exporters

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Services have played an important role in world trade for centuries. However, in the past 40 years, the focus of the services trade has shifted away from facilitating the trade in goods to trading in the services themselves. Dramatic changes in communications and transportation technologies have made this possible. While exporters of goods and services face similar challenges, services exporters have to deal with unique issues, many related to their intangible nature. This guide addresses these issues and offers practical and relevant advice to small and medium-sized enterprises to help them improve their export performance or enter new markets.

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How do I arrange for a wire transfer or direct deposit?

The fastest ways to get paid are by cash or by wire transfer to your bank. For payment by wire transfer, your customer will need routing information on your bank and your bank account number. You should obtain this routing information from your bank; sometimes the payment may have to go through a correspondent bank. There may be a charge at each bank in the route, and you may want to factor these charges into your fee.

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