Training and Consulting

Designing, Developing and Delivering Training and Consulting Interventions

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This handbook is aimed at business development training and counseling services providers in small manufacturing enterprises in developing countries. It addresses designing, managing and delivering training and consulting services. The handbook comprises the following modules: the learner and the learning environment; counseling and consulting; designing training programmes; tools for trainers; delivering training programmes; and managing training programmes.

English French, Spanish


Consulting and counselling

What is a consultant? One could say that doctors, lawyers, architects, psychologists and advertisers all provide a consulting service. That is, they give advice, make recommendations, and offer tools and services that fill a need or help solve a specific problem for their client. This is exactly what business and management consultants do. They make a living out of offering their knowledge and expertise to enhance the capabilities of their client’s company. Their work should lead to quantifiable or perceivable improvements for the client.

English Spanish, French

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