Women Shaping Global Economic Governance

image of Women Shaping Global Economic Governance

Women Shaping Global Economic Governance brings together contributions from leading policymakers and thought leaders from all across the world on how to shape our economies. Written entirely by women, this book is not about women. It is written by women who want to encourage everyone, including the 50% of the global population that are women, to contribute to shaping economic governance at a time where the world is impacted by a digital, environmental and social revolution. The essays and observations show women analysing the challenges confronting economic governance and formulating concrete proposals for how to navigate this period of turbulence.



Introduction-What future for the WTO?

The fact that multilateralism is in crisis should hardly come as a surprise. The fractured trust in globalisation comes in large part from the dominant model of global trade and the resulting inequality it has created over the last 40 years. The exploitative model of global supply chains has taken a machete to the social contract in country after country and perpetrated unbalanced development to the point where inequality is now a global risk. Notwithstanding this, I am still shocked to hear government ministers and trade negotiators say regularly “but trade is not responsible for this” or “the wealth can be distributed afterwards”!


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