Women Shaping Global Economic Governance

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Women Shaping Global Economic Governance brings together contributions from leading policymakers and thought leaders from all across the world on how to shape our economies. Written entirely by women, this book is not about women. It is written by women who want to encourage everyone, including the 50% of the global population that are women, to contribute to shaping economic governance at a time where the world is impacted by a digital, environmental and social revolution. The essays and observations show women analysing the challenges confronting economic governance and formulating concrete proposals for how to navigate this period of turbulence.



Migration, trade, and investment

Remittance flows to low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) reached $466 billion in 2017, an amount which is three times the size of official development and is larger than foreign direct investment (FDI) for all LMICs excluding China (World Bank 2018). In addition to sending money home, migrants also play a role in promoting trade and fostering investment between their country of origin and their host countries. Nonetheless, migrant transfers do not seem to be enough to bring a structural change to their economies of origin, as the remittances are mainly intended to improve the daily lives of stay-behind families. The positive effects of migrants on trade and investment could be more impactful if better organised. Lately, the idea has emerged from members of diasporas that transfers should also support the creation of firms or fund investment and trade in order to create more jobs. With this in mind, several initiatives and policies have been enacted by both sending and receiving countries, as well as diasporas themselves, to ensure migrants’ long-lasting impact on the development of their countries of origin.


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