Women Shaping Global Economic Governance

image of Women Shaping Global Economic Governance

Women Shaping Global Economic Governance brings together contributions from leading policymakers and thought leaders from all across the world on how to shape our economies. Written entirely by women, this book is not about women. It is written by women who want to encourage everyone, including the 50% of the global population that are women, to contribute to shaping economic governance at a time where the world is impacted by a digital, environmental and social revolution. The essays and observations show women analysing the challenges confronting economic governance and formulating concrete proposals for how to navigate this period of turbulence.




We are living at the intersection of three tectonic shifts: a digital revolution, which is changing the way we produce, trade, and work; an environmental revolution, as the strained ecological boundaries of our planet oblige us to review how we produce and consume; and a social revolution, as economic insecurity drives angry politics and a mismatch between expectations and reality fuels voter dissatisfaction across the world. On top of these three revolutions, geopolitics are back: growing strategic competition between the United States and China threatens to derail progress achieved in the last 70 years. How we respond to these changes will shape our future.


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