World Investment Report 1991

The Triad in Foreign Direct Investment

image of World Investment Report 1991

This Report analyses the phenomenal growth of world foreign direct investment in the 1980s. In particular, it focuses on the Triad - the United States, the EC and Japan - which accounted for four-fifths of all foreign direct investment to the rest of the world in that period. One significant discovery of this study is that the United States is now the largest recipient country of foreign direct investment. Inflows come mainly from the EC and Japan. However, its position as a source country has declined dramatically.




It has been noted in the introduction that the global pattern of foreign-direct-investment stocks and flows, along with the global patterns of trade, technology transfer and financial flows, is one of the most significant structural characteristics of the international economy. All four dimensions are interlinked to a significant extent through the activities of the transnational corporation.


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