World Investment Report 1992

Transnational Corporations as Engines of Growth

image of World Investment Report 1992

This timely study examines the role of TNCs as engines of international growth. Its analysis shows ample cause for optimism and it is hoped that the lessons learned from the analysis will assist in policy formulation and the design on technical assistance in an increasing number of countries and thereby help make the 1990s a decade of renewed economic development.



A look to the future

The world is in a period of rapid change, so much so that, as late as 1985, it would have been difficult if not impossible to predict what the world would look like by 1992. The end of the Cold War and the economic opening of Central and Eastern Europe, the unification of Germany, the rise of Japan and the relative decline of the United States as major international investors have all occurred in the past few years, and are re-defining international relations. While such rapid change makes it difficult to speculate about what the world will look like at the beginning of the twenty-first century, one thing that seems very likely is that international competition will increasingly be based on economic rather than military prowess.


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