World Investment Report 1993

Transnational Corporations and Integrated International Production

image of World Investment Report 1993

There are over 37,000 transnational corporations in the world with over 170,000 foreign affiliates. This report presents for the first time ever data on the largest 100 non-financial transnational corporations ranked by foreign assets. It describes and analyses the continuing expansion of transnational corporations, the regionalization and globalization of firms, the emergence of an integrated international production system and some legal and policy implications of these developments. The wealth of information presented is complemented by over 80 statistical tables and charts related to the operations of transnational corporation.



Tax policy

In designing a tax system, a Government needs to ensure that it maintains its revenue base while providing a favourable climate for business and investment. That principle also applies to international investment and the taxation of transnational corporations (TNCs), which is the subject of the present chapter. The adoption of different tax systems by Governments may result in the imposition of conflicting tax assessments on TNCs for the same transactions. Ultimately, it can result in double taxation. Both Governments and enterprises therefore have a common interest in devising workable solutions to these issues.


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