World Investment Report 1997

Transnational Corporations, Market Structure and Competition Policy

image of World Investment Report 1997

A vital source on the role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the world economy, this Report provides a comprehensive analysis and policy discussion of international investment issues. It examines current trends in global, regional and national FDI flows; the impact of FDI on market structure and competition in host economies, as well as globally; and the latest trends in investment liberalization, including interlinkages with foreign portfolio equity investment. The Report also includes a statistical annex.




The past decade has witnessed a remarkable process of liberalization of foreign-directinvestment (FDI) policies worldwide. This has been part of a broader liberalization of international trade in goods and services and flows of finance, technology and knowledge. In previous years, the World Investment Report focused on two components of the process of FDI liberalization: the reduction of restrictions on FDI and transnational corporation (TNC) activities, and the establishment of standards of treatment and protection of FDI.1 These are the dimensions of liberalization to which the attention of countries has also largely been devoted. As firms respond to these measures in the broader context of their own strategic objectives by increasing investments abroad, a third component of liberalization -- maintaining the proper functioning of the market -- becomes important, and competition policy is central here. The issues addressed in this Part of WIR97 round out, therefore, earlier discussions of FDI liberalization and related regulatory frameworks, including in reference to international investment arrangements.


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