World Investment Report 1999

Foreign Direct Investment and the Challenge of Development

image of World Investment Report 1999

Recognized as the most up-to-date and comprehensive source of information and analysis regarding foreign direct investment (FDI), the World Investment Report 1999, presents a special focus on FDI and the challenge of development, looking at its impact on key objectives of economic development. The Report examines the recent global and regional trends in FDI and describes the world's 100 largest transnational corporations (TNCs), the 50 largest TNCs in developing countries and the 25 largest TNCs in Central and Eastern Europe. Other areas of focus include an analysis of the momentum for an increasing globalization of economies through FDI and the activities of TNCs, along with a review of recent developments in bilateral and regional investment agreements.




The World Investment Report 1999 was prepared by a team led by Karl P. Sauvant and comprising Victoria Aranda, Bijit Bora, Persephone Economou, Masataka Fujita, Boubacar Hassane, Kálmán Kalotay, Gabriele Köhler, Padma Mallampally, Anne Miroux, Ludger Odenthal, Juan Pizarro, Marko Stanovic, James Xiaoning Zhan and Zbigniew Zimny. Specific inputs were received from Mehmet Arda, Mattheo Bushehri, John Gara, Khalil Hamdani, Mongi Hamdi, Anna Joubin-Bret, Assad Omer, Olle Östensson, Pedro Roffe, Taffere Tesfachew and Katja Weigl. The work was carried out under the overall direction of Lynn K. Mytelka.


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