World Investment Report 2002

Transnational Corporations and Export Competitiveness

image of World Investment Report 2002

This report is recognized worldwide as an authoritative source of information and analysis on foreign direct investment. This year’s Report focuses on the role of transnational corporations (TNCs) in the export competitiveness of developing countries. It analyzes the latest trends in international trade, and identifies the countries and sectors in which TNCs have driven export performance. Relevant strategies and policy options for developing countries are presented to help attract export-oriented FDI and benefit from it.



Regional trends

Nearly all regions of the world shared in the global decline in FDI in 2001. By far the largest fall in flows took place in the developed world. Inward FDI flows to a number of developed countries plunged as TNCs responded to the economic recession, and as cross-border M&As decreased substantially in number and value. Outward FDI from developed countries plunged as well. FDI flows to and from developing countries declined much less, and the picture there was more varied. Flows to Africa and to the economies in transition of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) increased, while flows to the least developed countries (LDCs) remained steady. This chapter takes a closer look at trends in FDI by region.


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