World Investment Report 2009

Transnational Corporations, Agricultural Production and Development

image of World Investment Report 2009

The World Investment Report 2009, subtitled Transnational Corporations, Agricultural Production and Development analyses two major issues: How have foreign direct investment (FDI) flows reacted to the current financial and economic crisis? How do traditional and new foreign investors - transnational corporations (TNCs) - affect agriculture, the basis of livelihood in many developing countries? According to the report, after decades of slow growth, TNCs’ interest and participation in agriculture - including FDI - is again on the rise. Despite this increase, in most countries today only a small share of FDI goes to agriculture. Renewed interest by foreign investors in agricultural investment is significant enough to raise questions about whether FDI and other forms of TNC participation in agriculture can contribute to the development of this long neglected industry. WIR 2009 suggests an integrated policy approach that takes into account concerns arising from TNC involvement.




The World Investment Report 2009 (WIR09) was prepared by a team led by Anne Miroux and Masataka Fujita, with Hafiz Mirza and Joachim Karl responsible for Part Two. James Zhan provided overall guidance and direction. The team included Kumi Endo, Thomas van Giffen, Michael Hanni, Fabrice Hatem, Kálmán Kalotay, Ralf Krüger, Guoyong Liang, Padma Mallampally, Nicole Moussa, Abraham Negash, Hilary Nwokeabia, Shin Ohinata, Thomas Pollan, Astrit Sulstarova, Yunsung Tark and Kee Hwee Wee. Kiyoshi Adachi, Bekele Amare, Quentin Dupriez, Hamed El-Kady, Kornel Mahlstein, Nicole Maldonado, Sara Tougard de Boismilon, Elisabeth Tuerk and Jörg Weber also contributed to the Report. Research and statistical support was provided by Mohamed Chiraz Baly, Bradley Boicourt, Jovan Licina, Lizanne Martinez and Tadelle Taye. Ngoc Hanh Dang, Shan He, Cristina Insuratelu, Mari Mo and Tom Van Herk assisted as interns at various stages. Production of the WIR09 was carried out by Séverine Excoffier, Rosalina Goyena, Chantal Rakotondrainibe and Katia Vieu. It was edited by Praveen Bhalla and desktop published by Teresita Ventura.


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