World Investment Report 2011

Non-Equity Modes of International Production and Development

image of World Investment Report 2011

This report is widely regarded as the most authoritative source of data and analysis on the activities of transnational corporations, national and international regulatory regimes, and their implications for development. The 2011 edition focuses on the strategic use of non-equity modalities (e.g. contract manufacturing, service outsourcing, licensing, franchising, etc.) by transnational corporations in their management of global value chains and international operations. Additional highlights include a discussion of the interplay between foreign direct investment and industrial policy, as well as an assessment of the origin, rise and global map of state-owned transnational corporations. It also contains a statistical annex with data on flows and stocks of foreign direct investment for 196 economies.




The World Investment Report 2011(WIR11) was prepared by a team led by James Zhan. The team members include Richard Bolwijn, Quentin Dupriez, Masataka Fujita, Thomas van Giffen, Michael Hanni, Kalman Kalotay, Joachim Karl, Ralf Krüger, Guoyong Liang, Anthony Miller, Hafiz Mirza, Nicole Moussa, Shin Ohinata, Astrit Sulstarova, Elisabeth Tuerk, Jörg Weber and Kee Hwee Wee. Wolfgang Alschner, Amare Bekele, Federico Di Biasio, Hamed El Kady, Ariel Ivanier, Lizzie Medrano, Cai Mengqi, Abraham Negash, Sergey Ripinski, Claudia Salgado, Christoph Spennemann, Katharina Wortmann and Youngjun Yoo also contributed to the Report.


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