World Investment Report 2017

Investment and the Digital Economy

image of World Investment Report 2017

The annual World Investment Report presents foreign direct investment (FDI) trends and prospects at global, regional and national levels. It also analyses the latest developments in new policy measures for investment promotion, facilitation and regulation around the world, and provides the annual update on investment treaties, their reform and investment dispute settlement cases. The 2017 edition, subtitled "Investment and the Digital Economy", investigates the internationalization patterns of digital MNEs, as well as the digitization effect on the global companies across all industries. It will provide insights to policymakers on how the digital economy impact on investment policies and how investment policy can support digital development, with a view towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.



Capital markets and sustainability

A further important investment policy development in recent years has been the growth of capital market policies and instruments designed to promote investment in sustainable businesses and support the achievement of the SDGs. These policies and instruments are emanating primarily from stock exchanges and their regulators, but with strong involvement from other capital market stakeholders such as institutional investors. Stock exchanges in particular are uniquely positioned to influence their market in a way few other actors can. In addition to their ability to influence investor and company behavior, exchanges often support regulators in promoting the adoption of market standards.


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