A Study of the Impact of Remittances from Portugal and South Africa

image of Angola
This study sheds some light into the kinds of relationships that Angolans living in Portugal and South Africa keep with their country of origin, focusing on the financial remittances that they send back to Angola, as well as on aspects such as the level of organization and the transnational engagement of these communities in the development of their country of origin. This study shows that there are many opportunities to further involve Angolans abroad in development cooperation. Facilitating remittance transfers through the adoption of appropriate policies and regulations, to foster competition among service providers in bilateral corridors as well as internally, is one example. Most importantly, reaching out to Angolans in Portugal and south Africa and building trust among these groups seems to be a precondition for enhancing the role of Angolan diasporas in development.



Angolans in Portugal and South Africa: Organization and transnational engagement

In addition to individual transfers, there is evidence that, in some cases, migrants and their families have made collective contributions to local development initiatives, and engage in philanthropic activities, mainly through migrant associations in origin and destination countries. In this context, there has been an increasing interest in understanding the nature and scope of such contributions, and on building synergies and partnerships for development with migrants. In Angola, in particular, the role of migration as an opportunity for development has been only recently recognized. In order to better understand the possibilities of involving Angolans abroad in development cooperation initiatives, this section presents the survey’s main findings concerning the expectations and future plans of Angolan migrants in Portugal and South Africa, as well as the links and attitudes of Angolan migrants towards their country of birth, and their degree of organization in the respective host countries.


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