EU Enlargement and Turkish Labour Migration

image of EU Enlargement and Turkish Labour Migration
This book provides an accessible and comprehensive evaluation of labour migration in general and Turkish labour migration to the European Union in particular, while focusing on critical issues and policies relating to economic, demographic, political and social implications of the EU Eastern enlargement.




This book is based on my PhD thesis, which was completed in September 2010 at the University of Reading. The last two waves of enlargement of the European Union (EU) in May 2004 and July 2007 have refuelled the debate about Turkey’s admission to the Union. The key issue in the enlargement debate has centred on labour migration, with complex and sometimes contradictory implications for Turkey. With this book, I hope to resolve the debate about the potential need for Turkish workers in the post-enlargement period. At a time when the EU has grown in size through the accession of new member states, while its legitimacy regarding the addition of policy areas is ever more contested, employment-related migration seems to me to be of the utmost importance, not only for students of European politics but for the public in general. Its impact on Turkish labour migration is evident and crucial. I am hoping to make a contribution to this debate, as well as highlighting relevant policies and instruments.


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