International migration policies

Government views and priorities

image of International migration policies
This report provides an overview of Government views and policies on international migration for 196 countries, including all 193 Member States, and three non-member States of the United Nations. The report describes Government views and policy intentions related to immigration and emigration, and how these have evolved over time with changing international migration patterns.



Policies to encourage integration, naturalization and return of migrants

The successful integration of international migrants is a major challenge for countries of destination. Many countries have undertaken initiatives to make it easier for immigrants to integrate into the host society, in particular through language training and information campaigns that educate immigrants about the life and culture of the host country, as well as through legal provisions to ensure non-discrimination and other explicit measures. Most countries have also instituted provisions for the naturalization of migrants to allow equal rights and participation in the host society. However, the integration process for immigrants is not always smooth, particularly in countries where non-nationals, especially their dependants, experience language and other cultural barriers, as well as higher unemployment rates than citizens.


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