Migration and Development

New Strategic Outlooks and Practical Ways Forward - The Cases of Angola and Zambia

image of Migration and Development

There is much greater awareness today that development affects migration, and that migration influences development. The challenge is to find innovative and effective ways to enhance the benefits of migration while mitigating its adverse development implications for emigration countries. This study assesses and analyses the migration and development situation of Angola and Zambia.



Summary, conclusions and general recommendations

The two case studies focusing on Angola and Zambia show that migration and development phenomena, characterized by historical, socio-political and economic interrelationships, can differ widely subject to specific national contexts. Yet, there are also common features and concerns, particularly as regards countries that belong to the same geographical region. This finding confirms the importance of conducting country-specific assessments on migration and development, as proposed by IOM, in order to be able to take national peculiarities in the design and formulation of appropriate policy interventions into consideration.


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