Migration and Development

Opportunities and Challenges for Policymakers

image of Migration and Development

There is growing consensus that international migration can have important impacts on development, and that it is important to develop appropriate and effective policy interventions that will help realize the full potential of international migration. This will require devising measures to harness the developmental potential that emigration from developing countries can bring while, at the same time, ensuring that the depletion of highly skilled workers does not damage development outcomes in the countries of origin. This paper is intended to guide policymakers through some of these challenges.



Policy options

The discussion above suggests not only the breadth of the issues involved in the migration-development nexus, but also the scale of the challenges facing policymakers in coming to terms with a large though often inconclusive evidence base. This section examines ten areas in which policy interventions have the potential to optimize impacts of migration on development in sending countries. Each option is considered only in brief, with some attention being paid to best practice examples and some of the challenges of implementing policies.


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