Migration and Development

Achieving Policy Coherence

image of Migration and Development

Policy coherence between migration and development agendas is of increasing interest in current times; there is growing recognition that migration policies should support rather than hinder investment in international development. The aim of this study is to build on existing international research and take the analysis to the next higher level showing how these connections can be made in practice. Policy makers often focus on remittances as the main means of translating the migration-development nexus into reality. However, this paper shows that there are many stages in the migration cycle, from departure to return and reintegration back home, that present opportunities to make migration more “development friendly” and, conversely, to raise development awareness of migration factors.



Coherence between countries

Coherence between countries can be achieved by ensuring that development concerns are integrated into bilateral and multilateral agreements on migration. Bilateral agreements may enable countries of origin to secure jobs and negotiate appropriate wages, living conditions and job security for their nationals abroad. Although development is rarely their primary concern, better migration and working conditions can yield increased dividends for sending countries. In addition, bilateral agreements may explicitly address relevant issues such as skills development and the inflow of remittances. Given the time and resources required for implementing bilateral agreements, receiving countries are generally wary of entering into binding agreements and sometimes prefer unilateral measures. In comparison, multilateral arrangements regarding labour market access for migrants from poor countries may offer greater benefits for home countries than piecemeal bilateral arrangements; but to date, little progress has been made either at the regional or global level.


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