Migration, Human Smuggling and Trafficking from Nigeria to Europe

image of Migration, Human Smuggling and Trafficking from Nigeria to Europe

There are several hundreds of thousands of Nigerians throughout Europe, half of whom live in the United Kingdom. According to this report, emigration has represented a considerable drain of highly qualified labour from Nigeria, while at the same time, the Nigerians abroad represent a substantial resource to their country of origin and they send more than a billion US dollars back to their relatives every year.




This report is strongly influenced by the various source material consulted, and by the need to prioritize within the framework of the project. Those areas of Nigerian migration perceived as the most problematic in Europe are also best documented. It was therefore possible to deal with these issues in greater depth in this report. This applies especially to emigration related to trafficking and prostitution. Today there is substantial material available on Nigerian trafficking, but much of it is of doubtful value. Media coverage is often sensational and much of the investigation is done by groups or persons who, though well meaning and committed, often lack the professional competence required to assess and analyse the source material. For instance, an extensive study on trafficking from Edo State uncritically recounts that, e.g., „the abolition of female circumcision in the state [/] had made the females promiscuous‰ (Okojie et al, 2003: 43). Sadly, there is strikingly little research on the thousands of Nigerians in Europe who are neither prostitutes nor criminals. This report, therefore, is not in a position to offer a balanced view of how Nigerians live in Europe.


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