Migration, Human Smuggling and Trafficking from Nigeria to Europe

image of Migration, Human Smuggling and Trafficking from Nigeria to Europe

There are several hundreds of thousands of Nigerians throughout Europe, half of whom live in the United Kingdom. According to this report, emigration has represented a considerable drain of highly qualified labour from Nigeria, while at the same time, the Nigerians abroad represent a substantial resource to their country of origin and they send more than a billion US dollars back to their relatives every year.




A number of people have made valuable contributions to this publication by providing information, and/or commenting on drafts. The most important contributions were made by Pietro Cingolani, Lorenzo Coslovi, Hilde Fiva, Kristian Berg Harpviken, Heidi Østbø Haugen, Anton Kozusnik, Aarno Laihonen, Geir Skogseth, and Flavia Piperno. Trine Olsen-Slagman and Marco Vitanza assisted through their research, and Isaac Olalemi was instrumental in encouraging the publication of an English version, translated by Inger-Johanne Bauer.


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